Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Xtra Energy Shot Berry Review

Once in awhile I'll find an energy drink at the dollar store that I've never heard of, but when I found this energy shot I was a little surprised. You've most likely seen a 5 Hour Energy commercial on TV before so it's not really shocking that dollar store brands would put out energy shots also. I'm just not used to seeing energy shots for only $1, I have a feeling that I'll see more and more of them as time goes on though.

The Bottle:
Xtra's bottle was obviously influenced by 5 Hour Energy as just about anybody can tell by looking at it. They had a wide choice of colors to choose from but they chose red and yellow. It doesn't look that bad and contains all of your standard energy shot information, including the big black box on the back that's full or warnings. It's still a nice looking bottle and there's not much wrong with it that I can find.

The Shot:
If you've ever had 5 Hour Energy, or any energy shot, you know what energy shots usually taste like. In my opinion berry ones usually taste alright but if it's something besides berry I usually have to drink some water afterwards. When I twisted open the bottle I smelled a decent enough berry scent, I drank the shot as quickly as possible and it honestly wasn't horrible. It was definitely bitter but that's a given with just about any energy shot. It just tasted like your standard energy shot berry, which is a little hard to describe. I think just about anybody would enjoy this shot or atleast be able to drink it, it's not horrible but I could never drink a whole 16 oz. can of it, that's for sure.

The Buzz:
Xtra contains a lot of ingredients, including Niacin which can give some people a "Niacin Flush" which is when you feel hot and your skin turns red, as awesome at that sounds it's never happened to me and it didn't with this shot either. About 5 minutes after finishing the shot a buzz started to creep up on me that kept getting stronger for about 10 minutes. When it reached it's peak, it lasted for about 3 1/2 more hours, which isn't bad. I definitely felt a noticable buzz from this shot that I enjoyed, it did what it was supposed to and I didn't "crash" afterwards.

Since it's only $1, you might as well pick up this shot and try it if you can find it. I can see it becoming popular as a cheaper 5 Hour Energy alternative, I liked it.


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