Friday, August 17, 2012

Xyience Melon Mayhem Energy Review

Xyience (Zye-ince) is the official energy drink of the UFC. I know a little about UFC fighting, but have never been to a UFC fight and the last time I punched someone in the face was during a fight way back in middle school. Melon Mayhem is the 2nd new flavor recently added to the Xenergy line. The Xenergy line is a line of energy drinks that have zero calories and are sugar free. So, you can infer that this new flavor is a healthier alternative to some energy drinks. Usually with "healthy" energy drinks, it's usually a big concern with whether or not it'll taste good or provide any buzz at all. I was pretty excited to give Melon Mayhem a try, and remember doing so not long after I recieved the samples in the mail.

The Can:
The familiar silver from the Xenergy line remains in place with this particular flavor. If you look at the picture of the can above, you can see that it is mostly silver. The pink circle on the can is also much more red in person. The placebo effect must've came into effect here, when I saw the green and red circles I felt like this would taste like Apple Jacks or something. Some people complain about these cans having too much silver. I understand the complaint but I also keep in mind that this drink is sugar free. There really isn't much to the can, it has the UFC logo on it and is kept simple enough to still look pretty good in my opinion.

The Taste:
I have to say, this is a pretty interesting tasting energy drink. It does in fact taste like melons, in a somewhat nondescribable way. The drink is really mellow tasting, and is far from the harshness of drinks like Cocaine or even Rockstar. As for the "mayhem" in the name, that's understandable due to all of the melon that seems to be going on in the taste. It does not induce mayhem though, and if I remember correctly I stayed put after drinking it and didn't go in to a Melon Mayhem-induced rage. This tasted light, but good. I don't know if it would be popular with everyone, but tasted good to me.

The Buzz:
Melon Mayhem contains the pretty usual Taurine, Caffeine, Guarana, Inositol, L-Carnitine, etc. I had an appointment somewhere after drinking a can of this, and I felt motivated and awake enough to go do what I had previously been scheduled to after consuming this. Since there's no sugar, it's safe to say that the buzz wasn't just a sugar rush either. This drink definitely provides the satisfactory buzz that most energy drink consumers are familiar with and looking for.

Melon Mayhem is another fine addition to the Xenergy line. My local Circle K carries Xenergy drinks, so if you're interested you can check there. One thing I'd like to add is that both this and Tangerine Twister are what I would call "Summertime flavors", so go pick them up before Autumn rolls around.


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